At p design lab, we constantly push the envelope of what’s possible when it comes to packaging and how consumers interact with our customers creations.

Please view demos from our partner companies and feel free to contact us directly should you have any further questions on how we can work together to incorporate these exciting new opportunities with your product offerings.

2D Barcodes:

Scan a 2D barcode with your cell phone to automatically launch a specific website, a video, and more. Customer research and market data is available to share with our customers, on a per scan basis.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality describes the fusion of 3D and real-life imagery, achieved via the use of modern image-processing technology. The result is a wealth of new opportunities not only for visualization but also for the interaction between virtual/real environments, which are useful in marketing, industry and consumer applications. This makes Augmented Reality one of the most useful and contemporary cross-application technologies.

Augmented Reality Ad combining print media and internet via webcam and our partners software: