Your Innovative Idea

At p design lab we recognize that innovation can come from anywhere.

Do you have a new product or packaging idea that you think may be valuable to p design lab and our customer base?

If so, our Innovation Team welcomes these new ideas, and sincerely hopes that you choose to share your ideas with us. While we understand that our rules may appear strict, they are necessary to protect both you and pdl. Therefore, we ask you to carefully review all of the information provided below, and only send us your idea if you are comfortable with our rules.

We thank you in advance for considering p design lab as a recipient of your creative work.

p deisgn labs General Policy Regarding Submitted Ideas

pdl will only review submissions on a non-confidential, no obligation basis.
Submitting your idea to pdl does not restrict you from submitting it to other companies.

Submission Process

  1. Submission:
  2. If you have an idea that you wish to submit, please contact us for a copy of our Submission Agreement acceptance terms. After you have read and acknowledged the acceptance terms, you can submit your innovation (upload any necessary documents).
  3. Assessment:
  4. Once pdl receives the Submission Agreement and Idea Submission Form, your idea will go to the appropriate pdl person to assess the capabilities of the concept as well as our level of interest.
  5. Response:
  6. pdl will report back to you with the results of its evaluation in about 8 weeks, although some evaluations take longer. Under no circumstances will pdl be obligated to reveal the details of its evaluation.
  7. Collaborate:
  8. If there is mutual interest, we will discuss the opportunities and ways of advancing the idea through additional stages of development, as necessary.

Possible Compensation to You

If pdl is interested in using your idea and the idea is protected–or protectable–by a patent or copyright, we may negotiate with you for license rights. Your compensation will be determined as a part of those negotiations.

If pdl is interested in using your idea and it is not protected/protectable by a patent or copyright, but is new to pdl and we would like to adopt it, pdl will work with you to negotiate a suitable compensation based on the level of the concepts market readiness and/or any further development and testing that may be needed on your concept.