Only the best solutions that work, for you

p design lab offers structural design, pre-press, printing, assembly and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for our customers.

What makes us different from other packaging or design companies, is our ability to combine design thinking and process thinking in our approach to your project.

Our founder along with key members of his staff have had years of experience working directly for consumer goods and manufacturing companies, on the operations, engineering and supply chain side of the equation. Together, we have delivered over $150 million dollars in manufacturing process and packaging improvement cost savings.

Therefore, when we start on your project we take the time up front to make sure we have a firm grasp of your design and creative needs as well as any unique supply chain circumstances that you are under, to design and deliver only the best solutions that work, for you.

p design lab also offers fulfillment and co-packaging services through our partner network of facilities in North America and Asia. We can run a packaging line for our customers’ day or night and with our expert designers and labor managers we can also create packaging and high performance assembly to enhance output and save time and money.

Co-packaging Services & Machinery

  • Repack
  • Repair & Retouch
  • Inventory & Distribution
  • RF Sealing for clamshells and display trays
  • Pad printing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Labeling and fulfillment
  • Hand assembly for products and displays
  • Unitized pallet requirements and configurations
  • Blister Pack insert card and tray specifications
  • Package engineering requirements
  • Mold and die making
  • Palletizing and shipping